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Amethyst, Prasiolite and Rainbow Moonstone Ring Two-tone Sterling Silver

Amethyst, Prasiolite and Rainbow Moonstone Ring Two-tone Sterling Silver

$ 37.49

Gold-plated sterling silver ring features round faceted prasiolite, amethyst, and rainbow moonstone and amethyst stones. The ring has a textured gunmetal plated sterling silver band. Each stone is approximately 6.5mm. ABOUT PRASIOLITE - Also called green amethyst, prasiolite is produced with amethyst quartz is heated, resulting in a beautifully green colored stone. Prasiolite should be protected from extreme heat or strong light for long periods, as it may fade or change the color of the stone. ABOUT AMETHYST - Forever fashionable, richly hued amethyst celebrates February birthdays and 4th, 6th, 9th, and 17th anniversaries. Amethyst was thought by the ancient Greeks to be conducive to a sober and serious mind. It became a stone of royalty for the Egyptians, standing for integrity, and it was worn by warriors to aid their courage. In Europe, amethyst was considered to be the stone of St. Valentine and that of faithful, committed lovers. ABOUT MOONSTONE - Stone of emotional balance, the moonstone is said to help soothe negative emotions. It is usually a whitish-blue and rainbow moonstone changes color with movement in light. Shades vary, though are usually a blue to pink with yellow. Blue-whitish light glides over the surface when the stone is cut en cabochon. Gemologists call this phenomenon adularescence.

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