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About AzureBella Jewelry


AzureBella Jewelry was created in 2007 in a brainstorm by a mother and daughter as a tool for helping others.  Our humble beginnings started as a woman-owned business in a spare bedroom with a dream of helping other women earn some money while still being able to have adequate time with their families. 

As we grew, the vision expanded to include helping a local food pantry who not only gave out food, but helped people get the start they needed toward independence.

In 2013, tragedy struck the family-owned business with the passing of the husband of the owner, who was also the programmer for AzureBella’s computer systems.  As a widow, the owner continued to work long hours, and with the help of others, was committed to continue the business they built together as a family.

Today, AzureBella continues to provide quality products with a loving touch on every piece of jewelry we ship out to our valuable friends and customers.

Our name is derived from the word “Bella”, meaning beautiful, and “Azure” which is the blue color found in the azurite stone used as a dye in Hebrew priest’s tassels on their robes, also called the “stone of heaven”.  Our symbol of a butterfly represents our vision of helping others blossom into something beautiful.


The AzureBella Jewelry(R) collections consist of a wide variety of jewelry from around the world and made here in the USA, from high-quality fine cast to lovingly handmade.  

Our collections include:

  • Ancient Roman Glass - handmade by skilled artisans from 2,000-year-old excavated glass in Israel.
  • Midas Touch - A trendy collection in the highest style of 14k gold jewelry
  • AzureBella Collection - Handmade and exclusive designs