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Larimar Stud Earrings Rhodium on Sterling Silver - Nontarnish

Larimar Stud Earrings Rhodium on Sterling Silver - Nontarnish

$ 31.57

Rhodium-plated sterling silver larimar stud earrings with 5.5mm stones. .925 sterling silver with a hard-wearing, non-tarnish rhodium finish - the same rhodium finish as white gold! ABOUT LARIMAR - A Caribbean Blue Beauty! Found only in one remote area of the Dominican Republic in an area less than 1 square kilometer near the province of Barahone, this rare gemstone was discovered in 1974. The same volcanic forces which created the island itself forged the exquisite gem called Larimar. This blue pectolite stone resembles the ocean with its light and beautiful milky blue color. Larimar is also known as dolphin stone, the Atlantis stone, sometimes referred to as the Atlantis Stone or Stefilia's stone, and as the Caribbean gemstone for its captivating ocean-blue color. Named after the daughter of the mine developer who discovered the stone, larimar is a combination of Larissa for the daughter and mar, the Spanish word for sea. No two pieces of Larimar are alike. Be wisked off to the beautiful blue Caribbean seas with Larimar, a piece of the ocean's beauty!

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