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Octopus Pendant Slide with Genuine Baltic Amber Sterling Silver

Octopus Pendant Slide with Genuine Baltic Amber Sterling Silver

$ 28.68

Octopi fun fact: Octopuses have special cells called chromatophores that allow them to change color instantly. These unique cells beneath their skin have thousands of colors!

Out from the depths of the ocean to make a grand appearance... Oxidized sterling silver octopus slide pendant features 8.5mm x 6.8mm genuine Baltic amber. Pendant measures 28.6mm x 15.2mm.

ABOUT OUR BALTIC AMBER - Genuine Baltic amber is one of nature's most interesting gems. Rubbing it produces static electricity! It was thought to possess magic powers that protected one from evil. This petrified tree resin is found lying in the seabed and in the ground along the coast of the Baltic Sea; amber from this region is considered some of the highest quality available on the market. Our collection is imported from the Baltic Sea region, so you can feel confident you are purchasing genuine, high-quality Baltic amber. From polished modern looks to classic antiqued designs, our Baltic amber jewelry is sure to impress!

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